2-Pack Suncast 122 Gallon Resin Rattan Wicker Design Deck Box With Latching Lid

This 2-Pack of Suncast 122 Gallon Deck Boxes are beautiful storage solutions for your home or patio and can provide extra bench seating and each hold up to 300 pounds of outdoor items like yard games, fishing equipment, tools, or pool toys Latching lid snaps shut to stay dry inside and keep critters out Durable resin rattan construction is stylish, sturdy, and waterproof Assembles in less than 5 minutes using a phillips head screwdriver Interior Dimensions: 49 x 24 x 24 inches and Exterior Dimensions: 52 x 28.75 x 26 inches and weigh 42 pounds each
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This 2-Pack of Suncast 122 Gallon Deck Boxes are an attractive storage solution for your outdoor items and they also double as benches for extra patio seating. The deck boxes are made with resin rattan, giving them a wicker design with the durability of resin. Resin wicker doesn’t split or crack and lasts many years longer than natural fiber wicker. It’s weather-resistant, rot-resistant, and easy to clean. The lids have a piston closure and latch shut to keep water and animals out. They have a section for a padlock, just in case you want the extra security. Convenient storage spaces for your outdoor items and handy extra seating, this 2-Pack of Suncast 122 Gallon Deck Boxes are a great addition to your outdoor space.