ABSCO Spacesaver 5 by 3 Tool Shed, Zincalume

A braced and hinged door for security Fast and easier to assemble with the absco sheds exclusive snap-tite fast assembly system 20-year warranty against rust Over 90 mph wind rating when using anchors Strong maintenance free bluescope steel
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The ABSCO Spacesaver 5 by 3 Tool Shed is the perfect metal shed for those garden tools, skis or fire wood. The revolutionary SNAP-TiTE system not only makes assembly faster and easier, it also helps deliver a professional finish. That's because the snap-fit design of the wall and channel sections takes out the guesswork. With typical metal sheds these components must be aligned, drilled and fixed together with unsightly screws, rivets, or bolts. Not only does the SNAP-TiTE system make assembly of your tool shed easier and faster, the end result is also significantly stronger. Easy to assemble, strong and beautiful. The ABSCO Spacesaver 5 by 3 Tool Shed will fit perfectly under the eaves of your home. If you want your metal shed to have the galvanized appearance of the Zincalume finish it can be left as is or you can paint to match with vinyl siding, stucco or even wood grained siding for your home. We are so confident our sheds are built to last we offer a 20 year Warranty against rust that can't be matched. You won't have to worry about our quality hinged door falling off the track like other metal sheds When assembled with the free anchors (included) the ABSCO Spacesaver 5 by 3 Tool Shed can withstand winds over 90 miles per hour The Bluescope steel used for the metal shed has been engineered for superior strength and ColorBond coated for 20 year finish