Arrow FDN1014 Storage Shed Base Kit for 10'x12', 10'x13' & 10'x14' Arrow sheds

Fits Arrow and Storboss 10' by 12', 10' by 13' and 10' by 14' buildings (not compatible with buildings with swing doors) Made of durable HDG Steel Self squares your storage building prior to completing assembly Able to be finished with the flooring material of your choice; plywood, gravel or concrete Can be used as a form for pouring concrete
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Arrow floor base kits are a great option to assist in your assembly and provide a square and level floor frame for your finished building. Start your DIY assembly with an Arrow floor base kit and you will be squared from the start. Base kits can be used as a framework for pouring concrete, or they can be finished with plywood (not included) or other options. Made from 100% HDG steel, these kits will last as long as your building does.