Arrow Shed SS404 Shelving System Kit

Four 8-3/16-inch d shelf brackets Two pairs of telescoping wall braces Made of electro-galvanized steel
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Arrow feet SS404 shelving hardware will let you add storage capacity to most sheds, garages or workshops. The SS404 includes 4 8 3/16-inch steel brackets and bracing. Allows you to build shelves from 8-inch to 12-inch deep. wood shelving not included. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. the list of compatible models are BW54 BD88 CL72 GS83 HM65 HM86 HM108 NW54 NW65 NW86 NW108 AR108 AR1012 LX108 LX1014 OB1014 PM108 PM1012 RH108 RH1014 SA86 SA108 SY65 WH109 WH1014 WL65 WL86 WL108 WR65 WR86 WR106 WR108 WR1012 YS47 YS410 DSM42 DSM44 DSM46 DS108 ELPHD64 ELPHD84 ELPHD104 VD86 VD106 VD108 VD1012 VM108 VM1012 VS108 VS1014 VVCS85 VVCS107 HDVAS85 HDVAS107 VT1210 VT1217 VT1224 VT1231 VT1421 VT1431 CHD1010 CHD1015 CHD1020 CHD1025 CHD1030