Best Size of a Shed For Your Needs

Sheds come in all sizes, but this also means that choosing the right one is a difficult task! If you get a small one, there won’t be any space inside. On the other side, if you get a large one, it can occupy the entire garden. In that case, you will lose precious space which cannot be gained back. The bottom line is that size of a shed is a separate feature to consider and one of the main ones.

The real question is, which size do you actually need? The answer is simple and it is 10x10 shed. Regardless the applications you have in mind, nor the true purpose of a shed, 10 x 10 unit will fit perfectly.

Not too big nor too small, just perfect

According to surveys and our own experience, sheds of this size are the most common ones and highly rated. The dimensions in question make them suitable for people who don’t want to lose the entire garden space for a shed. With a 10x10 model you will still have plenty of space. Considering the average size of a garden, the shed won’t occupy more than 10% of it, which is actually a great figure.

Another reason why these sheds are probably the best is their size but in completely different aspect. They are large enough to store all tools, items, and belongings inside. Even if you are a professional gardener, these sheds will meet your expectations. Smaller ones may require more space. If we also know that doors and walls can be used for hanging tools and other items, we can deduce that the real space is huge.

Doors are something that must be mentioned as well. Smaller sheds usually have one side door, which is enough but isn’t great. Most of the 10x10 models come with a possibility of choice. One door or double door. It is up to you to choose the one you will need. The dual-door system is especially interested if you are planning to store lawnmower or ATV inside.

10x10 models offer two times more floor space than 10x5 units, obviously. However, when it comes to the price and the construction, there are no a lot of differences. Larger ones here simply have longer construction elements, so at the end of a day, building them will be the same. However, the space inside is a completely different story.

Kits are available as well

Some individuals believe that 10 x 10 sheds are available only as custom-made or build on-site constructions. Actually, they are available as kits as well. Of course, constructing is slightly longer, but equally interesting as with smaller models.

All kits have one thing in common. Due to unique dimension and relatively large size, all of them are extremely durable and strong. We can even say that they can be used for heavy-duty applications, where the strength is the main factor. At the end, you should realize how these sheds are special and furthermore, how useful they are. 

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