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Ideal Solution for Your Old Belongings Before Moving to Your New Home - Mobile Storage Units

Moving to a new home is a time-consuming process that is also expensive. If we add the fact that errors, mistakes, and complications are common, it can be really annoying! Then we have old belongings. What to do with them and where to place them? Carrying all of them straight away to a new home, which may not be ready for it isn’t a great choice. One solution that can change all of this is literally within your reach. Yes, it is affordable, there are no room for errors and it can make moving much, much easier. The solution in question are mobile storage units.

These units are designed for all kinds of purposes, but we will use this opportunity to talk about movers and their needs. Old items and those that won’t be used in new home must be properly stored somewhere. Conventional storage facilities may be good, but there are still some issues. You will have to load them, transfer them to the facility itself and unload. In the best case scenario, this will take the entire day, probably longer!

Mobile storage units are a useful option because they will be transferred to the storage facility by the service provider. Your only mission is to place your belongings and that’s it. Once when you are done, they will be taken away and stored.

Storage facility itself

The storage facility, a place where your belongings will be placed is another advantage in fact. All of them must be climate-controlled, due to the new regulations. This ensures the safety and preservation of all your belongings no matter how long they are stored.

Money-saving feature is available as well

We all know that with conventional storage facilities, you pay for a specific space, regardless how much of it you use. Some people even use 10% of it but pay the same amount of space as when they use 100%.

Mobile storage units are different. They are designed to be partially used and to accommodate needs of all people. In other words, there are units made for each demand. They are sorted according to the size, allowing to the client to choose the one he prefers and he actually needs. Paying for space which isn’t used, nor it will be isn’t an option, so this is truly an affordable way.

Compared to conventional storage units, mobile storage units are at least 50% more affordable and simpler to use. It isn’t a coincidence almost all movers nowadays use them and they prefer using them rather than old-fashioned ones.

Let’s just add the fact that the mobile unit will be taken away by the service provider, as we mentioned at the beginning. This also means that there is no need to pay extra for gas nor to rent a truck, which actually was one of more expensive parts a few years ago. There are no registration feel nor other additional expenses you would normally expect.

Buying a New shed? Here Are the Features to Consider

Sheds of all kinds are popular in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In reality, they are very common in the rest of the world. But, there are a lot of models on the market, so choosing the one that will meet your demands isn’t an easy task. Below you can see some features that are helpful and which can guarantee that your choice will be a correct one.

  1.      Size

Size is the first thing to consider, regarding the type and the design of a shed. Large sheds are probably the best decision, simply due to the fact they offer more space which may be needed at some point. The recommended ones are 10 x 10 feet. They offer plenty of space, but they are still reasonably big. The next choice is on 6 x 8 feet sheds. They are medium sized ones and they are suitable for most people. The smallest ones are 6 x 4 feet, but they should be chosen only if space is strictly limited. Otherwise, choose a 6 x 8 feet (it has 2 times more floor space).

  1.      Plastic, wood or metal

Plastic ones are maintenance-free and they can be assembled, disassembled and moved in a matter of seconds. They are also very affordable and durable. The only drawback may be the design they have.

Wood units are the most common ones and the most expensive as well. However, they look the best and they are extremely durable if the wood is properly maintained. Another advantage are additional possibilities. Shelves, additions, customizations and etc. are all possible if you choose a shed made from wood. However, construction is complicated and time-consuming.

Metal sheds are extremely durable and easy to assemble. Still, they may not have the look you need. In high-end neighborhoods, they will look too simple. In any other way, they are superb. Addition: Customization is more expensive, more complicated and correcting mistakes will cost you as well.

  1.      Waterproof feature

Water is the biggest enemy of every single shed. That’s why you must make sure to have a model that will be dry inside all the time. How to check this? Pay attention to the roof dimensions. They must be 5 cm wider than the shed itself on the sides and 8 cm longer at the back and rear. Make sure to measure from the inside of a shed. Another important element are roof elements. They must be free of dark-edged knots because they will rot and fail quickly.

Windows are important also, because the seals around them may fail. To check all of that, make sure light can penetrate the shed only through windows and nowhere else.


At the end, a shed that meets all of these demands is the best one. Try to remember that the size is the first aspect to pay attention to, simply because if you make a mistake here, all the rest is less relevant.