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An Interesting and Fresh New Use for Sheds: Shed Homes!

Sheds are primarily developed as a storage space and almost all people use them precisely for that. But, there are some new possibilities which are outstanding. Because sheds have basic construction, but they are made from materials easy to manipulate, all of them are perfect for customizations, experimenting and even more.

If you have developed a new type of shed, or modified one so it is now a completely different thing, well done. Still, you will be surprised with the purpose we have discovered.

College students and sheds: What they have in common?

George Hemminger, a YouTuber was able to create an amazing shed for his son, who is a college student. The main idea was to provide a living space for young people, who still live with their parents, but who want to have privacy. Don’t think that this is an unusual thing to consider. Many people across the United States use shed homes for numerous purposes. They are perfect for hobby rooms, for party areas, and rooms for relaxation.

Let’s return to George’s design. For less than $1,200, he bought a shed and transferred it into a living space for his son! All the work was done is relatively simple and truly affordable. All the materials and elements are easily found and installed.

This is needed and a great decision because 85% of students still live with their parents. We all know that 85% of them want to live alone. A shed of this type is perfect because it brings best of both worlds. Now you will get a better idea about this claim.  Please note that you will have to review building codes in your area before pursuing this!  Some sheds are not built for “human habitation” but a lot of them are made of a similar construction to “tiny homes” or even regular homes!

Benefits for children

They will have their own space, where they can play games, hang out or just have fun. Most parents don’t like late-night activities teenagers prefer, so having them in a house maybe is annoying. On the other side, we all know how much students like spending a lot of time together, playing, talking and etc.

With a shed that has been transferred to a living space or “home shed”, all of this is possible and the combination of benefits is amazing.  For example, most students are more focused on their future, learning and their life when they are alone, comparing to when they live with parents.

Benefits for parents

As a parent, you want your child to be close to you at all times. But, you also want to give him some privacy. This is precisely the bets reason why shed homes as living space are so great. You and your child will have a great time together, you will be close and all but your lives will still be kept separately, which is something all students prefer.

Another benefit is the cost of all this. Shed homes are affordable, as we already mentioned. They are easy to repair, customize and even redecorate. We can say that it is a great home on a budget. Still, it can be a perfect home, if you want to implement cool gadgets and furniture inside.