Introduction of Rent-To-Own Shed Services: Better Than You May Believe

Renting sheds isn’t actually a completely new service nor benefit, but it is still rare, so therefore the introduction term in the title. Basically, all you have to do is to call a service provider and choose a shed you want. It is a simple and affordable method that many homeowners now choose, simply due to the benefits it offers. Rent-to-own sheds are the most popular in the United States, but in recent years we saw an increase in demand in the United Kingdom and Australia. The trend will continue to rise in the future.  We have a number of partners who provide a rent-to-own sheds so please feel free to contact us today for more information!

Benefits and advantages shed renting

As you would expect, there are a lot of benefits and advantages this service has to offer. We will begin with the price. Building or buying a shed is more expensive than simply renting it. It is a perfect alternative for people who want to get a place to store their belongings, ATVs or anything else on a budget. The prices may vary, but in general, renting is almost 80% more affordable than buying a shed on a 6-month level.  A rent-to-own option is a perfect combination of the two.  Simply begin renting the shed – it will be shipped to YOUR property, and if you end of using it long enough then the shed WILL BECOME YOURS!

Then we have a benefit for people who are not planning to stay in that location for a long period of time. In essence, if you are planning to live in that home for a couple of months, but storage is something you will need, renting a shed is a superb choice. It doesn’t get better than that. Once you are ready for moving, a shed will be removed and return to the service company.

All sheds and all buildings, in fact, require maintenance, we all know that. Well, those that are rented don’t. The situation is the same with rent-a-car service. The actual owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs, while a client doesn’t have to do anything related. In addition, this also means that a shed you rent will always be in perfect condition, without any damages, cracks or even visual damages.

A variety of choice is a benefit you may prefer the most. Here we are capable of choosing any style, any size and any color of a shed you really want. Buying that precise shed at that precise moment may be impossible, but renting it won’t. The only thing you will have to do is to choose a correct shed. White and green ones are the most popular, but let’s not forget red and gray.

One time projects will require a place to work, so once again, renting a shed is ideal. When the project is completed, the shed is returned and that’s it. There are no future expenses.

The final thought

The bottom line is that rent-to-own sheds is perfect for a specific type of people, for those who need all the benefits, or just one we mentioned above. It is a quick, affordable and effective alternative that should be used if you don’t have a need for a permanent shed. In any case, you can return the shed you rented and buy your own. 

An Interesting and Fresh New Use for Sheds: Shed Homes!

Sheds are primarily developed as a storage space and almost all people use them precisely for that. But, there are some new possibilities which are outstanding. Because sheds have basic construction, but they are made from materials easy to manipulate, all of them are perfect for customizations, experimenting and even more.

If you have developed a new type of shed, or modified one so it is now a completely different thing, well done. Still, you will be surprised with the purpose we have discovered.

College students and sheds: What they have in common?

George Hemminger, a YouTuber was able to create an amazing shed for his son, who is a college student. The main idea was to provide a living space for young people, who still live with their parents, but who want to have privacy. Don’t think that this is an unusual thing to consider. Many people across the United States use shed homes for numerous purposes. They are perfect for hobby rooms, for party areas, and rooms for relaxation.

Let’s return to George’s design. For less than $1,200, he bought a shed and transferred it into a living space for his son! All the work was done is relatively simple and truly affordable. All the materials and elements are easily found and installed.

This is needed and a great decision because 85% of students still live with their parents. We all know that 85% of them want to live alone. A shed of this type is perfect because it brings best of both worlds. Now you will get a better idea about this claim.  Please note that you will have to review building codes in your area before pursuing this!  Some sheds are not built for “human habitation” but a lot of them are made of a similar construction to “tiny homes” or even regular homes!

Benefits for children

They will have their own space, where they can play games, hang out or just have fun. Most parents don’t like late-night activities teenagers prefer, so having them in a house maybe is annoying. On the other side, we all know how much students like spending a lot of time together, playing, talking and etc.

With a shed that has been transferred to a living space or “home shed”, all of this is possible and the combination of benefits is amazing.  For example, most students are more focused on their future, learning and their life when they are alone, comparing to when they live with parents.

Benefits for parents

As a parent, you want your child to be close to you at all times. But, you also want to give him some privacy. This is precisely the bets reason why shed homes as living space are so great. You and your child will have a great time together, you will be close and all but your lives will still be kept separately, which is something all students prefer.

Another benefit is the cost of all this. Shed homes are affordable, as we already mentioned. They are easy to repair, customize and even redecorate. We can say that it is a great home on a budget. Still, it can be a perfect home, if you want to implement cool gadgets and furniture inside.

Ideal Solution for Your Old Belongings Before Moving to Your New Home - Mobile Storage Units

Moving to a new home is a time-consuming process that is also expensive. If we add the fact that errors, mistakes, and complications are common, it can be really annoying! Then we have old belongings. What to do with them and where to place them? Carrying all of them straight away to a new home, which may not be ready for it isn’t a great choice. One solution that can change all of this is literally within your reach. Yes, it is affordable, there are no room for errors and it can make moving much, much easier. The solution in question are mobile storage units.

These units are designed for all kinds of purposes, but we will use this opportunity to talk about movers and their needs. Old items and those that won’t be used in new home must be properly stored somewhere. Conventional storage facilities may be good, but there are still some issues. You will have to load them, transfer them to the facility itself and unload. In the best case scenario, this will take the entire day, probably longer!

Mobile storage units are a useful option because they will be transferred to the storage facility by the service provider. Your only mission is to place your belongings and that’s it. Once when you are done, they will be taken away and stored.

Storage facility itself

The storage facility, a place where your belongings will be placed is another advantage in fact. All of them must be climate-controlled, due to the new regulations. This ensures the safety and preservation of all your belongings no matter how long they are stored.

Money-saving feature is available as well

We all know that with conventional storage facilities, you pay for a specific space, regardless how much of it you use. Some people even use 10% of it but pay the same amount of space as when they use 100%.

Mobile storage units are different. They are designed to be partially used and to accommodate needs of all people. In other words, there are units made for each demand. They are sorted according to the size, allowing to the client to choose the one he prefers and he actually needs. Paying for space which isn’t used, nor it will be isn’t an option, so this is truly an affordable way.

Compared to conventional storage units, mobile storage units are at least 50% more affordable and simpler to use. It isn’t a coincidence almost all movers nowadays use them and they prefer using them rather than old-fashioned ones.

Let’s just add the fact that the mobile unit will be taken away by the service provider, as we mentioned at the beginning. This also means that there is no need to pay extra for gas nor to rent a truck, which actually was one of more expensive parts a few years ago. There are no registration feel nor other additional expenses you would normally expect.

Finding an Affordable Shed that is Perfect for All Your Needs

Sheds for sale come in a variety of sizes, with numerous features and with different price tags. That’s why looking for the one that offers the best value for price is crucial. It will not only be perfect for all your demands, but it will also save you money, which can be later used for further garden customization. Nevertheless, none of the important factors won’t be compromised and you will still end up with a superb shed for sale. This is actually simpler than you may imagine and the accent is on well-balanced requirements.

The size: Choose carefully and affordably

If you are looking for a shed for sale you already know that size has a huge role. Now, most people will believe that a massive shed is the best choice. Most of them also buy them just in case! Large sheds are truly useful, but for most people we mentioned, the space inside is 50% used and the rest is free.

To choose the correct size of a shed for sale, calculate the needed space at that particular moment and then increase it by 25%. According to studies, this has been the best way to get a shed of suitable size. Don’t forget that you can use walls, doors and even the ceiling in a shed for storing items.

Plastic or fabric ones

Metal and wood sheds are the most common, but they are also the most expensive! If you are trying to save money, they may not be an ideal option. Instead, look for plastic or fabric sheds for sale. Maybe you believe that they are fragile, small, useless or even not a valuable option, but all of this is a mistake.

Plastic sheds are very durable and very affordable. The situation is the same with fabric ones. But, plastic models are designed to withstand all the elements and to be used for a long period of time. The fabric sheds for sale are typically designed to be used occasionally, when you need them. Basically, you need to determine how frequently you plan to use a shed to decide the best shed for sale that you are going to buy.

Single or double doors

Models with double doors are more expensive. They are also bigger and heavier. Some individuals believe that this type is the best one because it is “easier” to use. But, if you are going to store tools and chemicals only, inside a shed, double door models are a wrong choice. They are designed to accommodate ATVs, bikes, gardening machines and etc. In essence, they are suitable for large belongings which require a big entering space.

All of this means that single door sheds for sale are a valuable choice and they should be taken into account. Besides the fact they are practical as well, they are far more affordable than the double door ones.


In simple terms, the size and the material are the main factors that affect the price of a shed for sale. The doors are second but equally important. If you choose carefully, you will get a perfect shed for all your applications and still save plenty of money.

Endless Possibilities with Your New Amish Shed

Unless you have plenty of experience with sheds, you won’t know that Amish sheds are different, unique type of buildings that offer unique benefits and have unique characteristics. In the lack of a better world, we can say that they are special. Another side of the story is that they also offer all benefits and advantages conventional models have, but they have been constructed for a longer period of time, so they are simply perfected.

The main differences

All Amish sheds feature a different design, compared to conventional models. They are compact in size, but they offer plenty of space inside. Most models have a deck at the front, which looks fantastic. Although they can be used anywhere you need them, we will say that the main place where they will look natural is countryside, with old-fashioned homes. There is one more advantage regarding this matter which will be mentioned later.

Cladding these sheds offer is different as well. It is tough, looks classic and it is completely different than conventional sheds feature. In general, they have stronger exterior support elements, which provide extra strength.

Treated or untreated wood

Sheds of this type are almost always made from hemlock wood, which is an advantage as well. The wood is strong, durable and highly resistant. The advantage we mentioned above is related to the untreated wood. You can choose between it and treated wood, and both of them have its own specifications.

Untreated wood is still durable and resistant, but it will turn black after some time, providing the ‘’old’’ looks, matching the shed with barns and other old buildings in the surroundings. Wood, design and this feature make Amish sheds the only kind with this feature. Obviously, it is possible to choose treated wood shed. The color and the patterns of the wood will be permanently protected and preserved. For areas with rough weather, this actually may be a better solution. At any given moment, you can paint it, but be prepared to spend a lot of time on surface sanding.

Kits and crane-deliveries are available as well

Just because these sheds look old, it doesn’t mean they must be constructed in the same way.  You can still choose between custom made, kits and cranes. We all know what custom made sheds look like, so we will move to the next type.

Kits of this type are easy to assembly and they come with detailed instructions. If space is limited and none of other methods will be useful, kits are the only and the best choice. Amish sheds don’t require ground preparation, which made them ideal for applications of this type.

Cranes can be used as well. The pre-constructed shed will be lowered and positioned exactly where you want it. The job will be done in a matter of seconds. Due to increased availability of high cranes, placing the sheds in impossible locations is possible.

Now you are completely ready to choose and get yourself a new Amish shed. 

Differences Between a Shed and a Garden House

Most of you believe that a shed is the only type of building that can actually be used in your garden and that it is the only one that matters. Some homeowners even choose not to invest into a shed because they have just one choice available. The real situation is completely different. There are a lot of different types of sheds, available to you right now. One of them, also commonly known as an advanced shed is a garden house. Here we will discuss all the differences between the conventional shed and advanced house for garden.

The design and looks

First and foremost, a house for garden or advanced garden building of you prefer looks completely different than an ordinary shed. It is larger as well. The design is specifically pointed towards the more elegant and more expensive homes in the neighborhood. We can even say that these sheds are high-end ones. Buying or designing this type will provide you a lot of additional possibilities and features. There are no rules here you should follow.


While conventional sheds don’t usually have windows, or have just a few, smaller ones, garden houses have many of them. Currently, models with the entire wall made from glass are extremely popular. The type of glass is special as well. You can see from the shed, but nobody can see you from the outside. Obviously, models with smaller windows are common and popular as well.

Small garden all around it

In order to maximize the effect and make this kind of shed look perfect, you will have to add a small garden or a garden bed around it. All homeowners who managed to combine these two elements are getting compliments for their beautiful garden all the time. Once again, there are no rules here, so it is up to you to choose what you really want.

Roof windows

This is one of the latest and the most sophisticated features an elite shed for your garden can have. Roof windows not only look great, they also make the air inside cleaner, allow more light and they also offer a full list of additional possibilities and combinations to do with the plants. Let’s not forget the luxury and the style they add. This is also the biggest difference between two types because ordinary sheds don’t have roof windows.


If you really want to make a superb garden house, add a deck. It will make the entire garden look impressive and it will transform you elite shed into a completely new reality. Only the most advanced and the most expensive sheds of this kind come with a deck.


Garden houses are the advanced and elite type of sheds, keep that in mind. They are the best alternative for high-end gardens where everything is perfect and everything must be balanced. When it comes to design and functionality, garden houses are the absolute leaders in the field and they will always stay here. 

Buying a New shed? Here Are the Features to Consider

Sheds of all kinds are popular in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In reality, they are very common in the rest of the world. But, there are a lot of models on the market, so choosing the one that will meet your demands isn’t an easy task. Below you can see some features that are helpful and which can guarantee that your choice will be a correct one.

  1.      Size

Size is the first thing to consider, regarding the type and the design of a shed. Large sheds are probably the best decision, simply due to the fact they offer more space which may be needed at some point. The recommended ones are 10 x 10 feet. They offer plenty of space, but they are still reasonably big. The next choice is on 6 x 8 feet sheds. They are medium sized ones and they are suitable for most people. The smallest ones are 6 x 4 feet, but they should be chosen only if space is strictly limited. Otherwise, choose a 6 x 8 feet (it has 2 times more floor space).

  1.      Plastic, wood or metal

Plastic ones are maintenance-free and they can be assembled, disassembled and moved in a matter of seconds. They are also very affordable and durable. The only drawback may be the design they have.

Wood units are the most common ones and the most expensive as well. However, they look the best and they are extremely durable if the wood is properly maintained. Another advantage are additional possibilities. Shelves, additions, customizations and etc. are all possible if you choose a shed made from wood. However, construction is complicated and time-consuming.

Metal sheds are extremely durable and easy to assemble. Still, they may not have the look you need. In high-end neighborhoods, they will look too simple. In any other way, they are superb. Addition: Customization is more expensive, more complicated and correcting mistakes will cost you as well.

  1.      Waterproof feature

Water is the biggest enemy of every single shed. That’s why you must make sure to have a model that will be dry inside all the time. How to check this? Pay attention to the roof dimensions. They must be 5 cm wider than the shed itself on the sides and 8 cm longer at the back and rear. Make sure to measure from the inside of a shed. Another important element are roof elements. They must be free of dark-edged knots because they will rot and fail quickly.

Windows are important also, because the seals around them may fail. To check all of that, make sure light can penetrate the shed only through windows and nowhere else.


At the end, a shed that meets all of these demands is the best one. Try to remember that the size is the first aspect to pay attention to, simply because if you make a mistake here, all the rest is less relevant. 

Best Size of a Shed For Your Needs

Sheds come in all sizes, but this also means that choosing the right one is a difficult task! If you get a small one, there won’t be any space inside. On the other side, if you get a large one, it can occupy the entire garden. In that case, you will lose precious space which cannot be gained back. The bottom line is that size of a shed is a separate feature to consider and one of the main ones.

The real question is, which size do you actually need? The answer is simple and it is 10x10 shed. Regardless the applications you have in mind, nor the true purpose of a shed, 10 x 10 unit will fit perfectly.

Not too big nor too small, just perfect

According to surveys and our own experience, sheds of this size are the most common ones and highly rated. The dimensions in question make them suitable for people who don’t want to lose the entire garden space for a shed. With a 10x10 model you will still have plenty of space. Considering the average size of a garden, the shed won’t occupy more than 10% of it, which is actually a great figure.

Another reason why these sheds are probably the best is their size but in completely different aspect. They are large enough to store all tools, items, and belongings inside. Even if you are a professional gardener, these sheds will meet your expectations. Smaller ones may require more space. If we also know that doors and walls can be used for hanging tools and other items, we can deduce that the real space is huge.

Doors are something that must be mentioned as well. Smaller sheds usually have one side door, which is enough but isn’t great. Most of the 10x10 models come with a possibility of choice. One door or double door. It is up to you to choose the one you will need. The dual-door system is especially interested if you are planning to store lawnmower or ATV inside.

10x10 models offer two times more floor space than 10x5 units, obviously. However, when it comes to the price and the construction, there are no a lot of differences. Larger ones here simply have longer construction elements, so at the end of a day, building them will be the same. However, the space inside is a completely different story.

Kits are available as well

Some individuals believe that 10 x 10 sheds are available only as custom-made or build on-site constructions. Actually, they are available as kits as well. Of course, constructing is slightly longer, but equally interesting as with smaller models.

All kits have one thing in common. Due to unique dimension and relatively large size, all of them are extremely durable and strong. We can even say that they can be used for heavy-duty applications, where the strength is the main factor. At the end, you should realize how these sheds are special and furthermore, how useful they are. 

Best Cladding Type for Your New Wood Shed

First of all, what is cladding? It is the term used for the exterior of wood building processes. It is also the most common term used for sheds made from wood. In addition, it may be one of the most important aspects of a shed so it definitely has to be considered! Wood sheds feature a full range of cladding, so mentioning all of them isn’t even possible! Luckily, there are two, the most common types that can be seen literally on 90% of sheds. Don’t lose hope, believing that they are full of cons or drawbacks! In a matter of fact, these two claddings are the best.

Overlap style

This cladding style features timber that overlaps with each other. As the end result, you get a shed that looks like a cabin in the woods (this cladding is the most common for buildings within the woods or meant to appear to be within the woods). There are a few things you should know about it. It looks very classic and it is a common cladding style. But, as everything else, there are pros and cons.


  •         The most affordable cladding option. This is perfect style for all people who want to save money and still get a great shed.
  •         This alternative is ideal for areas where rain is common, due to the fact overlapping is well-known for being able to repel most of the rain and water in general.
  •         It looks great. It is one of the most desirable cladding styles ever.


  •         It won’t be possible to place shelves inside a shed (attached to the cladding or siding, due to the construction.
  •         Usually, it is made from whitewood, which doesn’t have the best durability.

Tongue and groove cladding

Tongue and groove cladding is actually a completely opposite style than the first one we mentioned here for wood sheds. In simple words, it is more elegant solution, with more advantages. The main aspect is interlocking, meaning that each panel will be linked with other two, creating a strong connection. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect the first type of cladding! Here we have a list of advantages and drawbacks as well.


  •         Interlocking mechanism is known for strength. Shelves and anything else, in fact, can be placed inside a shed, and attached to the siding.
  •         Water won’t be capable of penetrating the shed, meaning it is very durable.
  •         The design is linear and elegant.


  •         This cladding costs more than the overlap type.
  •         It is difficult to repair or replace a damaged board.

Which one is perfect for your shed?

Both wood shed claddings have pros and cons, as you can see. In simple terms, your budget can determine the type of cladding. Overlapping is suitable for those on a budget or for those who have cabins with the same cladding style. It is also the best alternative for smaller, practical sheds. Tongue and groove cladding is ideal for larger and more complicated sheds, where shelving is mandatory. However, both of these methods are suitable for areas where rain is common. In addition, both types are suitable for smaller, garden type wood sheds.  

Benefits Only Lean to Sheds Offer

As the name suggests a lean to shed will use one side of a house, barn or even another shed as its wall. Correspondingly, they are very practical and very easy to make. However, there are a lot of additional benefits you should know. All of the benefits mentioned below are characteristics for sheds of this kind. After reading this, you will probably begin considering to make or purchase one of these sheds. This is a simple explanation of how good they are.

  1.      More than just affordable

Lean-to sheds are extremely affordable. In essence, they cost 50% less than conventional sheds, but offer the same level of practicality and functionality. Of course, we have a variety of these sheds now, so the price will actually depend on the size, roof or floor options and etc. Nevertheless, they are the most affordable type of sheds known to man.

  1.      Simple and fast construction

Maybe these two facts should be mentioned as separate advantages, but they related, so we will mention them at one point. All lean-to sheds are easy to construct. Basic models can be made in just a few hours! This amount of time can be achieved by absolute beginners as well. In addition, most experts recommend to beginners to start with these sheds, precisely due to ultimate simplicity.

No matter which kind of lean-to shed you choose, the construction time won’t be longer than 6-7 hours. Professionals can make or assemble one is less than that. The most time-consuming element of sheds is the foundation itself. Because these models already have it, they are reasonably faster to construct.

  1.      Strong and solid

Most experts will tell you that these sheds are perfect for areas where weather conditions may get rough. Strong winds, snow, and heavy rain can damage the shed, especially those made from plastic. Models in question have extremely strong frame and support. After all, they are connected with a house. As such, they are extremely durable and strong. Interesting Fact: These sheds are common in Alaska and Russia, on places where rough weather conditions are common.

  1.      Easy to use

Lean-to sheds usually have three sides widely open at all times. This means that using the items inside is very easy. There are no doors nor was in a matter of fact, so placing any item you want will be possible.

Don’t think that sheds of this kind are small and designed just for storing firewood! There are large units capable of storing a car or even an RV. Basically, their size is determined by the size of a house they are connected with. The larger the house, larger the shed can be.

  1.      Possibility for customization

Lean-to sheds are perfect for customization. Conventional ones may not be suitable for that, while these models are superb. Adding cover, walls, floor or even all walls and doors is possible and easy as well. Basically, you can adjust your shed for any application you have in mind.