Danu Green Natural Mice Repellent (8 ounces)

DANU GREEN NATURAL MICE REPELLENT formula will safely repel mice, rats and some small rodents both in and around your residence, shed, workshop, boat stall or anywhere mice are intruding your spaces. DanuGreen's formula contains a researched, essential oils emulsion that mice and rats cannot tolerate to smell. OUR FORMULA can be used both indoors and outdoors. You may spray it safely in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, cupboards, attics, basements ... anywhere mice may be intruding into your home. Applied per our instructions, it is an effective mint repeller and deterrent for your car, RV, attic and garage to control small rodent intruders. THIS FORMULA IS SPECIFIC for repelling numerous types of North American mice, including Deer, Field, House and Country mice as well as numerous types of North American rats. DanuGreen’s formula is an effective, stronger, natural ingredient mouse and rat repellent on the market. Use it periodically to deter these disease carriers from intruding into your home. NO HARSH CHEMICALS nor synthetic pesticides are formulated in Natural Rodent Repellent. When used according to instructions, no need to deal with mouse or rat carcasses from traps or poisonous baits. DanuGreen can be utilized in all areas of your home without concern for family or pets. Our formula has been researched for many years and found to be consistently effective to deter mice and rats. CONTENTS of PACKAGE: One - 8 ounce Bottle of DanuGreen Natural Rodent Repellent, One Cotton Pouch for Entry Point Placement, Instruction / Information Card
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DANU GREEN uses Only Natural Ingredients to formulate our small rodent repellant emulsion. This formula of peppermint essential oil and cinnamon essential oil has been studied in numerous university and government agency studies and has been shown to be 85 - 90% effective. THIS TYPE OF SPRAY is effective indoor and can be effective outdoor when sprayed in a covered area to avoid rain water wash. Use to repel mice and rats out of your home and attic. Traps and poisonous baits are not necessary when our spray is applied according to the directions included in the package. NATURAL RODENT REPELLENT is effective against most of the 55+ types of North American mice, including Field, Deer, House, Country Mice and many more, including numerous types of North American rats. Mice have poor eyesight, but they are #6 on the animal Olfactory Receptors Scale (ORS – scale of genetic ability to smell - dogs are #9). The natural, essential oils in this repellent formula are offensive to the olfactory receptors in many of the mice, rats and other small rodents which inhabit North America and may invade your human space. OUR SCENT WILL DETER AND REPEL most types and keep them away for long periods, possibly for good. We only use Natural Essential Oils, a surfactant to aid in emulsification and filtered water in this formula, no chemical, pesticide ingredients. Our 5% emulsion formula is safe around family and pets, many dogs do not even react to the scent.