Designer Metro Sheds 4' x 6'

Square feet = 24.3,Cubic Feet = 163.72,floor included,Exterior Dimensions = 54.13"w x 54.38" d x 92.5" h Interior Dimensions = 49.13" w x 49.13" d x 90.5"h,Door Opening =29.3" w x 69" h,Door Style =Swing Door Wall height = 71.25,Gable Height19.3,Color = Sand & Java HDG Steel™ - hot dipped galvanized steel provides superior corrosion resistance and protects against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts,12 year limited warranty.
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The Designer Mertro Sheds 4' x 6' midsiaze foot print is perfect for small and medium storage needs in smaller spaces patios, decks and small lots. The metro shed features an attractive high gable roof.