Endless Possibilities with Your New Amish Shed

Unless you have plenty of experience with sheds, you won’t know that Amish sheds are different, unique type of buildings that offer unique benefits and have unique characteristics. In the lack of a better world, we can say that they are special. Another side of the story is that they also offer all benefits and advantages conventional models have, but they have been constructed for a longer period of time, so they are simply perfected.

The main differences

All Amish sheds feature a different design, compared to conventional models. They are compact in size, but they offer plenty of space inside. Most models have a deck at the front, which looks fantastic. Although they can be used anywhere you need them, we will say that the main place where they will look natural is countryside, with old-fashioned homes. There is one more advantage regarding this matter which will be mentioned later.

Cladding these sheds offer is different as well. It is tough, looks classic and it is completely different than conventional sheds feature. In general, they have stronger exterior support elements, which provide extra strength.

Treated or untreated wood

Sheds of this type are almost always made from hemlock wood, which is an advantage as well. The wood is strong, durable and highly resistant. The advantage we mentioned above is related to the untreated wood. You can choose between it and treated wood, and both of them have its own specifications.

Untreated wood is still durable and resistant, but it will turn black after some time, providing the ‘’old’’ looks, matching the shed with barns and other old buildings in the surroundings. Wood, design and this feature make Amish sheds the only kind with this feature. Obviously, it is possible to choose treated wood shed. The color and the patterns of the wood will be permanently protected and preserved. For areas with rough weather, this actually may be a better solution. At any given moment, you can paint it, but be prepared to spend a lot of time on surface sanding.

Kits and crane-deliveries are available as well

Just because these sheds look old, it doesn’t mean they must be constructed in the same way.  You can still choose between custom made, kits and cranes. We all know what custom made sheds look like, so we will move to the next type.

Kits of this type are easy to assembly and they come with detailed instructions. If space is limited and none of other methods will be useful, kits are the only and the best choice. Amish sheds don’t require ground preparation, which made them ideal for applications of this type.

Cranes can be used as well. The pre-constructed shed will be lowered and positioned exactly where you want it. The job will be done in a matter of seconds. Due to increased availability of high cranes, placing the sheds in impossible locations is possible.

Now you are completely ready to choose and get yourself a new Amish shed. 

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