Flower House SHSM655 StorageHouse Walk-In, L

Quick and Easy Set up on Soil or Hard Surfaces in minutes Weather Tuff Shell,Covered Screed Vents ,Tent Stakes ,Hign Wind Tie Downs ,Storage Bag with Shoulder Strap Comes with Integrated Floor Oraganize and protect your tools with the most cost affect shed available Needs No Paint
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FlowerHouse StorageHouse... protects plants easily and effectively from cold weather blight! Great protection for your plants... plus a lightweight design in all three sizes you'll appreciate for its easy transport, set-up and takedown! The StorageHouse is the perfect answer to "tucking your plants in" for the cold months. It just makes good sense to protect your tender, valuable plants against winter environments with this shelter. Only easy, pop-up setup is required that takes just minutes, so it's a quick solution as well as an effective one! Screened vents allow for best possible air circulation, and protect your plants from insects, birds and other pests. And versatility's complete because you can set it up anywhere on soil or a hard surface. Do your plants a favor... get your order in for the StorageHouse now at our affordable price, together with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! These features should plant an idea in your head! Easy pop-up design, sets up in minutes; Weatherproof shell keeps your StorageHouse dry inside; Screened vents allow Storagehouse to breath while keeping pests out; Sets up anywhere - soil or hard surface; Comes complete with integrated floor, screened vents, tent stakes, high wind tie downs, and storage bag. Give your plants the protection they need to be hale and hearty, with a head-start on spring... order today! 5' x 5' x 5'tall AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: FlowerHouse Storage House, XXL; FlowerHouse Storage House, XL - word search in our store for 'FlowerHouse'. FlowerHouse Storage House, Large