FlowLosity Fireman Hose Brass Nozzle Pressure Sprayer

DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY, STURDY, POWERFUL FIREMAN HOSE NOZZLE All Metal, No Plastic. Constructed with high grade materials: Brass, zinc alloy, stainless steel with PVC soft coat. Rugged, yet comfortable to hold - Virtually indestructible – No corrosion or rusting and won’t fuse to your hose like aluminum nozzles. Won’t break if dropped and also leak proof. YOU CONTROL THE FLOW - Just turn the fireman hose nozzle until you have the perfect stream of water for any job from watering flowers, to washing your deck, to cleaning your house siding and windows. Easier to use if you have arthritis because there is no trigger to squeeze and hold, and spray easily goes a long distance. FITS ANY STANDARD USA-BASED GARDEN HOSE and turns it into a multi-functional spraying tool. Packaged in protective box, see picture. Use for all of your AUTOMOTIVE AND HOME/GARDENING NEEDS – FlowLosity is Modeled after the type of nozzle used by firefighters. Best nozzle for hose. ORDER NOW Attach Your New Nozzle And Start Watering NO-WORRY 60 day money-back guarantee. Strong and Durable. Enjoy for years.
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YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WATER PRESSURE Spray nozzle for garden hose gives you the perfect stream of water needed for any job. Whether you're gardening, washing the car or cleaning around the house, our Nozzle for Hose is the perfect accessory to tackle any job. USES FOR FIREMAN HOSE NOZZLE Best for Watering Lawns, Flowers and Shrubs, Washing Pets. House, Car, Patio and Deck NO CLICKING, NO LIMITING WATER FLOW Not limited to 5 clicks or 8 clicks. With our well-made fireman hose nozzle you can adjust the water flow to exactly what you need to get the job done perfectly. DURABLE, VERSATILE, BEST MADE NOZZLE You won’t need to buy another spray nozzle for garden hose when you own this one. The QUALITY is AMAZING. Not made from fiberglass plastic or aluminum. Our fireman hose nozzle is made from brass, zinc alloy and stainless steel, which are stronger metals and made to last longer. Also there are no breakable parts. You don’t want to buy a cheaper nozzle for hose made with plastic insides or any trigger style that could easily break. FIREMAN HOSE NOZZLE PUTS NO STRAIN ON YOUR HAND AND FINGERS Eliminates hand fatigue caused by hard to squeeze trigger style nozzles. Our fireman hose nozzle is much easier to use and can be held for longer periods of time with no strain on your hand. ORDER NOW Attach Your New Spray Nozzle for Garden Hose And Start Watering Just Click the “Add to Cart” Button and then “Proceed to Checkout” to receive Your Terrific Hose Nozzle Today