Garden Friends 4pieces Outdoor Kids Garden tool Set Best Children Gardening Play Toys Gardening Gloves Mini Metal Bucket Garden Trowel Cultivator

WHAT YOU WILL GET - Cute kids garden set that comes with cotton gloves, small metal bucket, a plastic (trowel) shovel and a hand rake. The set is a bright green color and all the pieces fit nicely in the bucket SIZE AND MATERIAL - 4.4 inch depth Metal bucket; 7.8 inch Plastic (Trowel) Shovel; 6 inch Handle Rake (Cultivator); 7 inch Cotton Gloves SAFE AND QUITE USER FRIENDLY - Cultivator and trowel are both made out of plastic,with round edges,eliminating the possibility for children to hurt themselves!! Also The tin bucket, shovel and trowel are perfect to make roads in the sand, the bucket is not so big that if the kid overfills it would be too heavy. ENJOYS HELPING IN THE YARD AND GARDEN - keep the children away from watching TV,playing video games or worst yet,the internet! This gardening tool set,came as a diversion tactic that would keep them busy for hours. GARDEN FRIENDS BRAND - Suit for 3 - 6 Age, All Material without lead and Pioson
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