Green Breeze Imports Large Abaca Weave Doormat

Natural Abaca (Manila Hemp) Fiber. Manila Hemp is Prized for its Strength and Resistance to Salt and Water Damage. Abaca is the strongest natural fiber that exists, Additionally, the individual fibers are up to 10 feet long. Mat will not disinterrate like many fiber mats. You do not have to sweep broken fibers up under you mat. Mat will last many years. Thick, Dense, and Heavy Compare to the weight of other mats. Great for high traffic areas and for your business. Handmade in the Philippines Washable. Does not Shed Fibers
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Attractive natural doormat is made of twisted abaca fibers. Abaca is the srongest natural fiber also called manila hemp and is made of the leaves of a banana plant found mainly in the Philippines.. The doormat is 36 x 22 inches and is 1 inch thick. Compare the weight (5 pounds) of this doormat to the alternatives, it is a heavyweight, And it will not shed fibers because the individial abaca fibers are very long and strong. Your door and doormat are the first things guests see when they visit, Make a good impression.