Lifetime Plastic Storage Shed 60042 7x7 With 2 Windows

Resin 2 door with best lock and key that Public Storage requires. Window and Skylight to let in sunlight or artificial light. Very clean with no scratches or other marks. Will deliver in L.A. area only, if needed. No additional cost
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Tall 6'4" door openings at center. Steel-reinforced dent-resistant paneling. High-quality UV - protected resin won't crack, chip, or peel and never needs painting. The 7' x 7' Lifetime outdoor storage shed features a low maintenance steel-reinforced design that complements your yard and is built to last. Lifetime Products’ line of outdoor storage sheds combine quality and beautiful designs, offering a safe space for your yard equipment or extra belongings. The double-layer wall structure and steel frame means Lifetime sheds have the strength to withstand the force of nature, while looking great in your yard. Specifications: Heavy - duty construction. Double-layer high-density wall panels with the added benefit of steel-reinforced construction. High-arched steel-reinforced doors with full-length galvanized steel hinge pins. Heavy-Duty Steel Trusses Provide Additional Roof Strength. High-grade metal screws ensure secure-fastened assembly. High-pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow. Lockable doors with internal latching mechanism. Shatter-proof window opens half-way for increased ventilation. Weather-sealed seams help keep out rain water. Wood-grain molding, a simulated shingled roof and natural color scheme create a complementary addition to yards or gardens. Made with High Density Polyethylene, a plastic resistant to damage, allowing less maintenance time. Lifetime sheds never have damage due to termites and screened vents allow for airflow while keeping out rodents. UV-protected so colors won't fade. Includes 1 shed-length skylight for additional lighting.