Little Cottage Company Value Gambrel Barn 4' Precut Playhouse Kit, 10' x 20'

Smart Side Siding With 5 Year Warranty Hardware Included For Assembly (Screws, Latches, Handles, Nails) Full Color Downloadable Online Manual and Instructions
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Standard Wood Value 4' Gambrel Barn Kit Includes The Following:-Smart Side Siding With a (5 Yr. 50 Warranty)-2*4 For Wall Framing 24” On Center Oc-2*4 For Trusses 24” On Center -4' High Side Walls-4' Double Door On 8' Wide Buildings Truss Width (4'*6'Opening)-5' Double Door On 10' and 12' Wide Buildings Truss Width (5'*6' Opening)-Swivel Door Latch -Aluminum Corner Trim-Trim and Siding Is 98% Pre-Primed-Fasteners Included-Link To Excellent Downloadable Online Manual With Color Pictures-Everything Is Precut and Ready To Assemble Floor Kit Option:- Treated 2X4'S 16” For Base-4X8X5/8 Sob Flooring Prebuilt Information:-Non-Treated 2X4'S (In Place of Treated 2X4S)-Includes 4X4 Runners Customer Provides: Shingles, Drip Edge, Paint For Precut Kits.