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As described in the "Sheds" page from this website storage sheds can typically be decribed as any structures that are less than 200 SF. Since storage sheds are smaller than a normal building and the typical use of these structures is for storage rather than occupancy of the building by humans then these buildings are not kept to the same building codes and standards that normal buildings are. As a result of this, the sheds available for purchase can vary greatly between the type of shed you choose, whether you buy a "kit" or building a custom shed, and whether you choose to build it yourself or hire a company to build it. This page is meant to run through some of the options available in all locations of the United States and the pros and cons of each option. Although the pricing can vary in different regions of the country this website will try and layout some "typical" pricing that you can expect to see for a 10'x 10' shed. Storage-buildings.com will attempt to keep this information up-to-date but please keep in mind that information is subject to change at any time and it is up to you the reader to confirm information. Please feel free to e-mail us if any of the information below is found to be in error.

Arrow Sheds

Arrow sheds are typically made of galvanized steel that are electro-statically painted. Most Arrow Sheds carry a 12 year warranty. They are best known for being sold as DIY kits that can easily be picked up at a store or delievered to your house and can be built with two people in a day. The Arrow company has been around since 1962 and has manufactured over 12 million sheds to date. Arrow Sheds have a number of different models and a number of different styles of sheds. Their minimum roof strength is approximately 10 PSF but with a roof strengthening kit it can be "beefed up" to approximately 20 psf. Arrow sheds have a number of different options for finishes, floor types, and types of anchoring either into the ground or into a concrete pad. Overall Arrow Sheds are a good choice if they are to be used for storage and can be used for a number of different items as their are numerous models available. Pricewise they have a number of inexpensize models available on the low ende but the price of Arrow Sheds increases significantly if premium models are selected or if accessories are chosen. If you are not up to the task of assmembling an entire shed yourself then Arrow sheds may not be a good fit for you because they are typically sold in kit form (not pre-assembled) and there will also be a number of items required in order to assemble the floor or the anchoring for the sheds as well. Arrow sheds can be bought at Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, and many other stores in many cities.

Tuff Sheds

Tuff sheds are well known as the largest manufacturer and seller of wooden sheds. They are typically made of 2x4's and wood sheathing with a shingle roof and wood siding. Tuff Sheds are almost always prefabricated in full and delivered and installed onsite. The warranties for the sheds range from 5 years for the introductory models to about 10 years for the premium models. Tuff Sheds have been around for many years and they have a reputation for high quality sheds. Tuff Sheds may be a great choice for people who are not up to the task of erecting and installing their own shed. Tuff Sheds can be bought at Tuff Shed locations located around the country as well as in limited quantities in Home Depot and similar stores.

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