Prefabricated sheds: The beginning of a new era

Prefabrication buildings are those that are fully produced in a factory or on assembly lines and then delivered to the place of construction. In simple words, these are buildings that will be only assembled in the desired place. A more common term is prefab sheds. When they appeared, a few decades ago, they weren’t very useful. They were weak and expensive. Today, however, they are a completely different story.

New prefabricated sheds are in fact, perfect for specific requirements of an owner. If the time or money is an issue, these sheds are the best and probably the only choice. In order to fully design and build a wood shed in your backyard, you will need months! The paint must dry, the wood must be protected and etc. There are a lot of tasks to do before you can begin using it. On the other hand, prefabricated sheds are simply installed and that’s it.

Long-lasting: Up to 80 years

If you –still believe that prefabricated sheds are low on quality and that they can last just a few years, here is the fact that will help you realize how wrong you are. These sheds can actually last up to 80 years without any big repairs. Even the cheapest models can last up to 50 years. Due to unique construction, they are capable of withstanding stronger earthquakes than equivalent, permanent models. Their construction can absorb the vibration and can adapt to the ground changes.

Wood or steel are the main options here. No matter which one you choose, you won’t make a mistake. The only aspect to consider is the design of the neighborhood and your household before choosing the material. 

Construction in less than 24 hours

We mentioned that prefabricated sheds can be constructed in far less time than conventional ones. However, some models can be even constructed in less than 24 hours. This is possible because they don’t require severe preparation of the site (require minor adjustments) nor it is needed to wait for materials or chemicals to get dry.

Almost all models are pre-painted as well, so you won’t have to paint them, obviously. It is important to mention that during the assembly process, damages won’t occur. All of you who are interested into the custom-designed prefabricated shed should know that models with primer colors are available. They can be constructed on site and they will be protected from the elements, but their color is silver or gray, a base for the actual paint. The price is almost identical to pre-painted units.

The final thought

Prefabricated sheds are truly amazing to own. They are affordable, durable, well-made and they look like nothing else. If we add that there are a lot of different models on the market, choosing the one that meets your criteria won’t be a hard task. At any given moment, once your needs for a shed have changed, you can replace it and still get a shed you want. This task can also be completed in less than 24 hours. 

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