Pretmanns Fairy Garden Set- Figurines & Miniature Accessories - Fairies Sonya & Maya (9 Piece Kit)

JOIN FAIRIES SONYA & MAYA FOR TEA: The Leafy Chair and Flower Umbrella is Just the Perfect Place For Some Fairy Talk FOR ALL AGES: Young & Old Will Love These Two Fairy Friends. Parents & Grandparents Will Love Spending Time Here ALL ITEMS ARE HAND PAINTED: No Two Sets Look Identical As All The Items Are Hand Painted. DIMENSIONS: Fairies is 2.5” High. The Table is 2.36” Wide x 1.57” High. The Umbrella is 3.54” high. Chairs are 2.36 High. ITEMS INCLUDED IN THE SET: Fairies Sonya & Maya, Table & Umbrella, 2 Chairs, Tea Set & Bunny
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The fun side of Fairy Gardening is you can basically use any container, let your mind run free with ideas! A broken pot, old wheel barrow, old sinks or kitchen ware and even a plastic sandpit container. Just remember to make enough drainage holes. The Fairy Garden can be positioned indoors or outdoors depending where you will get the most enjoyment from it. An outdoor fairy garden needs a sheltered spot e.g. the patio or veranda or under a tree. An indoor fairy garden can really be anywhere you like. Find your favorite spot: a cosy reading place, your office desk or your kitchen. And what about a special place in a child's bedroom! Remember you have to select the plants accordingly and allow for enough light. For example, on a patio you want to make sure the container receives morning sun and shade for the rest of the day. Have a word with someone at your local nursery/garden centre when you start your Fairy Garden. They will help you select the right plants for the place where you want to start your garden. All the Fairy Garden accessories are handmade and are painted with a UV resistant paint. We however recommend not to have your Fairy Garden in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.