Prolong lifespan of your metal shed

Metal sheds are extremely durable, we all know that. In fact, they are the strongest kind of sheds available nowadays. This doesn’t mean that there is no maintenance, repairs nor simple inspections mandatory. After purchasing and placing your metal shed, most of your work is completed, but not all of it. Preventing severe damages is one side of the story. The second part is to make it look better than ever before. In both cases, you will need to look after specific aspects of a shed.

Inspect and maintain metal shed

Obviously, this is the first and probably the most important step to consider. Basically, the inspection should be performed regularly and the main purpose is to detect any, minor damages. No matter how tough a shed is, some damages to the paint and metal work may appear. As you would expect, the biggest issue is rust! If it isn’t treated properly, as soon as possible, rust will expand, eventually damaging a larger amount of a shed. That’s why regular inspections are the best prevention.

Pay attention to the roofing elements, bottom parts of the sides and also below the roof. In a case rust is present, use sand paper to remove it and then apply a new coat of pain. Cleaning the surface is also needed. We will also recommend applying two coats of paint. It will last longer and it will look better.

In a case there is a dent, the first procedure is the same. Clean and sand it. Then use filler to fill the dent and apply paint. Dents are a huge problem because they remove paint, making metal prone to corrosion.

Ventilation: Adding it can make difference

If you place a car in a garage which doesn’t have any ventilation at all, it will rust over time! The situation is the same with a metal shed. A proper ventilation is needed not only to remove the hot air from inside, which can eventually damage the metal but also to make spending time inside more pleasant.

Luckily for you, some metal units already come with this feature, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Just in case, check and inspect the ventilation elements to make sure there are no damages.

Cleaning the interior

Maybe it sounds contradictory, but cleaning the interior of a shed has a positive effect on the lifespan of it! It is especially important if you use a shed to store chemicals. Spills can damage the inner paint and eventually the metal. Tools will gather mud and dust, which also affects the condition of a shed!

Although there are no mandatory cleaning times suggested, we believe they should be based on your applications. If you use chemicals, make sure they are well-organized and the risk of spills is eliminated. Only then your shed will look and last!

Thanks to these, simple tips, a shed made from metal can last up to 100 years and still look like new. 

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