Royal Rooster Duck Feeder with Rain Cover and Valve-Cup Waterer Set – 6.5lbs / 1 gal.

Save time and money feeding your ducks. Innovative design for reduced wastage and clean water Feed only your ducks not the sparrows, squirrels or rodents. Rain cover for weather protection European made, valve-operated drinker cup for a fresh supply of clean water. Easy to fill & clean Hooks straight onto mesh or attach to a wall with free brackets included. 1 set around 4 ducks 6.5lbs feeder, 1 gal. waterer, 20” tall, UV stable, durable PVC plastic, Australian made quality
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Since 2009, thousands of Australians have flocked to Royal Rooster’s unique waterers and feeders for chickens and ducks. We’re excited to now be offering these in the USA! Why are they so popular? Royal Rooster's unique, Australian-made drinkers and feeders overcome many of the common issues with traditional styles of feeders. Reduce Feed Wastage - The unique divisions discourage ducks from 'swiping' the feed onto the ground saving many dollars in feed costs. Clean and Dry Feed - No more poo, dirt or rain in your feeder! Position the feeder inside our outside your enclosure. Don't Feed Sparrows, Rodents and Squirrels - The unique feeder tray and rain cover reduces feed lost to pests, as it is up off the ground and difficult for pests to see or access Suitable for Most Feeds - Grain mixes and pellets and can be used. The exceptions are very loose feeds such as wheat or very moist feeds such as crumbles or those high in molasses. No Mess Water Supply You can look forward to a regular supply of clean water without issues of evaporation, algae growth, spilled or dirtied water or sun-perished containers. European-Made Valve-Operated Drinker Cup - The valve automatically activates when the ducks drink to allow more water to replenish the red drinker cup. UV Resistant, Slim-line Design - These feeders and waterers are made from durable PVC and ABS plastics. They are 20” tall, 5” wide and 5”deep (or 9” inc. rain cover) and hold approx. 6.5lbs of feed and 1 gal. of water. One set suits around 4 ducks. Minimal assembly of feeder with screwdriver required. /li> Hook onto Mesh or Wall - Hook straight onto the mesh of your chicken coop, or fix to a solid wall with use of the four aluminum brackets provided.