Should you choose a car cover or a portable garage?

Protecting your car from the elements is a tough challenge nowadays. Still, many homes don’t have garages, so you will have to rent one which will probably cost you between $100 and $200 per month. On a year’s level, this is a huge amount of money which can be spent on something different, something more useful. On the other side leaving your car to the elements isn’t an option, so there has to be some alternative.

Actually, the best-known alternatives are car covers and portable garages. As the name suggest, a portable garage is designed to accommodate vehicle and belongings while a car cover is used to cover a car only. Correspondingly, portable garages are a much better choice and now you will see why.

They are affordable

The main reason why people buy car covers rather than portable garages is the price. All of them believe that car covers are far more affordable. The truth is slightly different. In fact, a high-end car cover will cost you almost as much as a mid-range garage. Still, car covers are not as lasting as portable garages.

At the end, portable garages are an actually cheaper alternative, simply due to the fact they last longer and they are more resistant to damages.

Can be moved as well

Another reason why people like car covers is the ability to move them and place them at a new location when needed. But, portable garages are designed for the same application as well. After all, they are portable.

Yes, disassembly process will take longer than with a car cover, but at the end, you will have a proper garage, instead of a simple piece of canvas or etc. Newer models are truly amazing when it comes to assembly/disassembly processes. Even beginners can perform these tasks just by following the instructions.

Bigger and more secure

Almost all car covers are made to protect the car only, but at the same time to occupy as little space as possible. Portable garages, on the other hand, are made to accommodate a car and a lot of other items. They are bigger and they come in a variety of sizes, so choosing the one that suits you perfectly is possible. This also means that they are more useful, simply due to the fact you get more space.

Because they are made from stronger materials, portable garages are very resistant and very durable. They can withstand far more pressure and tougher weather than car covers.

A separate fact that has to be mention is the design. Some car covers are made for a specific type of a vehicle, or for specific dimensions. Portable garages are made for a variety of cars and even the smallest one can accommodate a lot of different cars. If you are planning to change your car, portable garages are the best choice and probably the best investment.

At the end, you should realize that portable garages are a truly amazing piece of engineering. 

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