Storing flammable and hazardous chemicals: All you will have to know

Storing chemicals and substances in garden or backyard buildings is now possible, thanks to chemical storage buildings. They offer ultimate isolation of the chemicals and they will definitely protect people, pets and even the environment from the chemicals inside. Of course, this applies only if inside are stored hazardous chemicals.

A separate fact to consider are flammable chemicals. They must be stored in a different way and there are a few rules each person must comply. Don’t forget that proper storing is required by local law and breaking rules may even cause you to be fined! The first and the most important fact is the storage building to consider. Each one must be well-made and it must be made specifically for this purpose.

Before moving to the next section, we will spend a few minutes discussing containers. Each one is designed for handling juts one kind of chemicals, so try to use them properly.

  •         Terne Plate- This material is used for storing least hazardous chemicals. The similar material is galvanized steel. It isn’t suitable for strong acids such as acetic acid or benzene. It is also the most affordable type of containers.
  •         Polyethylene- Containers made from this material are treated as mid-range items. Generally, they can be used for most chemicals, but not for the strongest ones.
  •         Stainless steel- All containers made from stainless steel are extremely durable and extremely usable. In essence, they can be used for any type of chemical you have in mind. Even the strongest and the dangerous chemicals can be stored in them risk-free.

Storage management

Now when you know which type of a container is suitable for a type of chemical you will want to store, the time is right to mention the capacity rules and the storage management. The most common mistake is to place all of the chemicals next to each other, and just leave them like that.

Flammable chemicals should be stored in containers of 1 gallon. Eventually, less-flammable chemicals can be stored in larger containers, up to 5 gallons. All of them must be spaced, just in a case fire do occur. Never place all of them next to each other, or in a case of fire, the side effects will be huge!

Obviously, each container must be properly sealed. Make sure that the lid comes with a heavy-duty rubber seal. They are the most effective in eliminating the risk of leaks and even fumes.

Each building of this kind should be capable of storing 10%% of total volume of the containers. This also applies to all chemicals, regarding their chemical balance and specifications.

Pesticides are also commonly stored in buildings of this type, but there is some things to know. During cold months, chemicals in them may begin changing their chemical relations, which can make them inefficient or instable! That’s why storage buildings with a better insulation are preferred for gardening and generally storage of chemicals. In addition, they are also flammable, so use them while following the rules above. 

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