Suncast SSB200B Swivel Hose Hideaway with Smart Trak Hose Guide & Bin

Portable hose reel and storage bin Swiveling base for multidirectional unwinding Automatically tracks hose neatly onto reel Easy reeling with half the effort 225-foot hose capacity; storage bin for sprinklers
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With 225 feet of hose capacity and a swiveling base for multidirectional winding, Suncast's Swivel Hose Hideaway takes the hassle out of watering that 1/4-acre lot. The base swivels a full 360 degrees for reeling at any angle. Ground stakes are included for optimal stability. And, the unit comes fully assembled, so you get a handy device right out of the box, rather than another assembly project. Suncast's innovative Smart Trak hose guide tracks the hose neatly onto reel, so there are no tangle-ups to wrestle out. A sturdy resin construction keeps the unit from cracking. And, a patented Easy-Link system ensures a watertight connection between hose-reel and hose. Plus, a large storage bin provides place to sprinklers and accessories out from underfoot.