The Scroll Trellis Garden Trellis is 9 feet long to easily grow a natural vertical green wall, create privacy or camouflage an eyesore and attract pollinators!

Do you love Clematis or other vining plants? The you'll love this quick and easy trellis Kit is effortless to install and tested to support up to 50 lbs. Mount on a deck post, fence, rail, wall or get creative by combining multiple kits to create a backyard oasis. The trellis mesh will guide the plant growth. This 9 foot tall trellis is 4" wide and can be cut to any length. Natural red cedar mounting blocks provide 2” of healthy airflow between the mounting surface and the trellis. Grow a privacy screen. Fast growing vines like Clematis, Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora) and Morning Glory love this garden trellis! The UV-stabilized high density plastic mesh is the ideal size for them to easily grab and climb up,(see attached image). Pollinators love the flowered vines! Easy installation instructions included and also available on our website. Trellis installs in minutes with two zinc plated self-taping screws.
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This 9 foot tall Deck Post Scroll Trellis is made in the USA and is sold as a kit. It is the perfect way to display and support your vining plants as they grow to full height. Imagine a mailbox post or a bare deck post totally covered in foliage and flowers! Combine two or more kits to make the size and shape trellis you need. This trellis is quick and easy to install with limited skills and common tools. Scroll Trellises are designed to support vigorous growth of plants that climb by twining (like Clematis, Passion Flower, Morning Glory and Royal Plum Cathedral Bells) and they're taller than the average trellis. You won’t need to worry about a Scroll Trellis breaking like wood trellises, or rusting like metal trellises. And, your vines will be protected from mildew by the 2” support brackets that allow healthy airflow between the trellis and the structure it’s mounted on. As the trellis becomes covered with flowered vines, the trellis virtually disappears. Be prepared to have your neighbors ask how you got flowers to grow on a post! Install before your plants start climbing and you'll enjoy your trellis all season long; grow plants exactly where you want them. This trellis has been tested to hold up to 50 lbs and has been exposed to year round harsh weather, heat and subzero cold for at least 5 yrs (in Minnesota!) Visit our website for detailed instructions and creative ideas to combine trellis kits and make the most of your trellises.