Valeo Slimmer Belt With Zippers With Soft Neoprene Interior Construction And Adjustable Zipper Closure To Fit Most Waist Sizes

Slimming, supportive waist belt with soft neoprene interior construction Zipper closures adjust to fit most waist sizes Provides back support while slimming and trimming appearance Belt warms the waist helping you shed excess water weight One size fits most; hand washable
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Valeo Slimmer Belt with Zippers is specially designed with zipper closures for universal size adjustment. It is made of soft neoprene for extra comfort and provides back support. Sauna-action helps shed excess water and it helps slim and trim appearance. It is hand washable and one size fits most. The Valeo Slimmer Belt is designed to slim and trim your profile while providing back support and helping you shed excess water weight through added heating at the waist. The belt is constructed with a soft neoprene interior for comfort and features specially designed zipper closures that offer universal size adjustment to fit most waist sizes. The belt is hand washable.