Where to place a portable shed?

Portable sheds are widely popular at the moment and they will probably be even more popular in the close future. If you wonder why lets us reveal a few secrets. First and foremost, they are affordable, then they are available in different dimensions and different styles and they are also practical. The truth is that these sheds are perfect for most applications and they definitely should be taken into consideration.

So, once you got a portable shed, your job is done. Actually, it isn’t. An even more important task is placing the shed. It must meet your demands and still be useful at any given moment. In any case, placing a shed must be based on following points.

  1.      Accessibility

What is the main purpose of that shed? Is it needed to store ATV or garden tools? Place it close to the element of the need. For example, if you will store garden tools, don’t place it 200 yards from the garden. On the other hand, don’t place it too close so it causes shade to the plants. Another interesting example is for the snow blower. Most people will place a shed far back in the yard, so during the winter, they must go through all that snow to reach the snow blower. It is pointless!

  1.      Backyard looks

Some of you will want to place a shed near the house. Some will want to place it back in a yard. The main aspect to consider is do you want a shed to be noticed or to be concealed. The choice is up to you, but the design of a shed isn’t. It must be matched to your house. It is the only proper solution right now.

  1.      Watch the setback

A setback is a term used to define a space between the property line and your home. It still applies on sheds, so it must be taken into consideration. Here, you will have to make sure the shed is placed far away from neighbor’s yard. Otherwise, you may have issues with building inspector!

Because this aspect cannot be generalized, it is recommended to check with building inspector or HOA first.

  1.      Duration of a shed

How long can a portable shed last? The answer is simple and it depends on the place where you placed it. Branches will damage the roof and sides during a strong wind, and therefore cause further damages. Sprinkles also can damage the shed and reduce its lifespan. The situation is the same with any wet locations. So, the bottom line is that it should be placed somewhere where water, sun, and branches are not present.

  1.      Delivery and access

Some sheds will be delivered and placed by a crane, while others will be the built-on site. Make sure you have chosen a right option and make sure a seller is offering it.


A portable shed is a useful and practical alternative to permanent model. It is durable as well, but only if it is placed in a great spot, on a place you can now find. 

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