Wooden Windmill Medium Amish-made with Varnished Burnt-Grain Finish

Durable Exterior Plywood Burnt Grain Finish 2 Coats Protective Polyurethane Amish Made in USA Shipping Included
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Our windmills are constructed of durable exterior plywood. The plywood is "torched" (a process which highlights the wood with a burnt grain finish) then given two coats of polyurethane. These windmills are designed to beautifully enhance your landscape by covering well casings, sewer pipes or any other unsightly objects in your lawn or just set your windmill in place and admire the unique look.The head on this windmill does not pivot. Best blade spinning will result if you position this windmill facing the prevailing wind. The Medium Wooden Windmill has these dimensions: Height: 40" to Blade Tip, Body Height = 31", Blade dia. = 30", Bottom Outside dia. = 13.5", Bottom Inside Diameter: 8", Inside Diamter at 14" high: 8", Max inside Height: 14.25".