You have just purchased a potting shed, what next

Potting sheds are different of all other types sheds we have today. They are even special. In essence, these sheds are purpose made for growing flowers and plants, protecting them from the elements and for other gardening applications. As such, they cannot even be compared to ordinary sheds, which are primarily designed for storing. A potting shed is the favorite kind of shed of most people, but it is also the most complicated to place and maintain!

If you have just bought one, or you are even considering about getting a shed for potting purposes, here you will be able to discover what should be done next.

More light is always a great choice

All potting sheds have one thing in common. All of them are light-oriented. It simply means that a shed for this purpose must be oriented towards the light as much as possible. Some individuals believe that placing a shed below a tree or opposite of sunlight is the right decision. It is the worst mistake you can make! Young plants require more light and more nutrients than large ones. That’s why they must be turned toward the light as much as possible.

Make sure a shed is facing the sun in the morning and early afternoon. By doing so, gentle sunlight will slowly shine the plants in the morning and gradually increase its strength during the day. At afternoon, when the heat is the strongest, a small amount of light will penetrate to the plants. The bottom line is that they will be well-protected while still getting all they need.

In order to maximize effect, choose roofing made from glass or vinyl sheets. Besides the fact they are more affordable, they are long-lasting and they will allow more light to reach to the plants.

Shelving: How many you actually need?

Another, important aspect to consider are the shelves in the shed. Obviously, the more the merrier, but there should be some rule. The unwritten rule is that between 8 and 10 shelves are sufficient. Using this number, you will still have plenty of space inside, but all the plants, tools and materials will be well-organizing.

Make sure that heavier items are placed closer to the ground, so in a case of an accident, the damage will be less severe. The situation is the same with plants. Organize them according to their size. A useful tip is to change the plant positions. Those that get less light should be replaced with those which get most of it, occasionally.

Besides shelves, tables are mandatory for these sheds. 2 or 3 would be enough, but the important thing to consider is that all of them must be foldable. By using this tip, most space will be available in a shed, but you will still have a lot of room to work with the plants. Keep in mind that potting sheds are not very big, so this is one of the tips you definitely want to consider. 

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